Disaster Preparedness

Preparing Makes Sense
We must have the tools and plans in place to make it on our own for a period of time no matter where we are whenever disaster strikes. Even first responders and emergency managers have personal plans for their families and we hope you will have a preparedness plan as well.

Community Planning For Disasters
Just as you prepare yourself and your family, Jefferson County prepares for, responds to, recovers from, and mitigates against the effects of disasters and emergencies throughout our community.
  1. Kids Get Ready Too

    Hey Kids! Here are some cool web sites and books designed just for you!

  2. Pet Safety

    Pets depend on us for their safety and well-being and that is even more important during a disaster or family emergency. Please be sure to include them in your family emergency plan.

  3. Special Needs

    Dealing with an illness, chronic medical condition, disability or functional need can be stressful in many situations but will be even more difficult during a disaster or household emergency such as a winter snow or ice storm, flooding or fire. The best approach to this type of situation is to prepare now so you and your family or caregivers will have a plan of what to do, where to go and have the supplies or equipment ready that you will need to handle both the emergency and your personal illness or disability.

  4. Emergency Preparedness in School

    Natural disasters and other emergencies can happen at any time, and when they happen at school, everyone should be prepared to handle them safely and effectively. Administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students can work together to promote and maintain school-wide safety and minimize the effects of emergencies and other dangerous situations. This guide covers different ways everyone in the school community can prepare for various natural disasters and other emergencies to stay safe.