Code Enforcement

Our goal is compliance of the “County Code of Ordinances,” before pursing further action. It is also our goal to improve and maintain the quality of our neighborhoods, by keeping a safe and healthy environment for the well-being of the citizens and visitors.

Concerns, Suggestions & Complaints

Any concerns, suggestions, and complaints may be submitted by email:


Filing a false report is a crime and may be subject to prosecution. Enter the complaint location information and please provide as much information as possible to ensure that our Code Officer is able to assist in your complaint.

                                                   STATE OF GEORGIA
                                                      PUBLIC NOTICE

                                        Proposed Zone Change from RA to C2

                     This property has an application before the Jefferson County

                  Planning Commissioner for a proposed zone change application to zone MAP 0076                                                          PARCEL 26 from RA to C2.

               Public input will be heard on September 23, 2021 at 5:15 P.M at the
                                     Jefferson County National Guard Armory.

   Information can be obtained on this application by Contacting the Jefferson County Planning                                                   Commission at 478-625-4032

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