Timber Harvesting Notification

Our department has been handling the Timber Harvest Notifications since January of 2013. A Timber Harvesting Notification form must be filled out at the Jefferson County Building Department by the operator who notifies our office the intent to perform timber operations in the county.

Timber Harvesting Notification Resources
  • Concluding Operations
  • Enforcement
  • Operational Requirement
  • Surety Bonds and Notice of Timber Harvesting
Surety Bond & Notification of Timber Harvesting
Surety Bond
  1. No person, firm or corporation shall engage in timber operations in Jefferson County without first completing a timber harvesting notification form and furnishing the Code Enforcements Office a surety bond. Bonds will be maintained at the Jefferson County Building/Code Enforcement’s Office.
  2. The bond may cover more than one site (or individual logging operation); however; each site of operation must have a timber harvesting notification form on file. Failure to complete a timber harvesting notification form before logging operations begin or to comply with stipulations of this ordinance shall result in a fine equal to 10% of the required surety bond, cash deposit or Letter of Credit as defined in the Timber Operations Ordinance.
Notification of Timber Harvesting
  1. A timber harvesting notification form may be obtained at the Jefferson County Building/Code Enforcement Office. The applicant shall furnish all information requested on the timber Harvesting notification form regarding location and duration for the particular operation.
  2. The copy of the notification form must be posted at the entrance of the logging site and available for inspection by the Jefferson County Code Enforcement Officer or his designee.
  3. The amount of the bond shall be $5000 for all tracts. The bond shall indemnify Jefferson County against any and all damages caused as a result of timber operations to any county roads, right of way, points of egress or other public property. The bond shall also indemnify Jefferson County for any costs incurred in the clean-up of waste and/or debris left on public property as a result of the timber operation. In the event repair exceeds $5,000, the timber company shall be responsible for expenses in excess of $5000.
  4. The county will release the operator from bond upon completion of any necessary repairs to public property and removal of all waste and debris.
Operational Requirement
  • Driveway Installation:
    1. The timber operations shall follow all requirements of the Jefferson County Driveway Pipe Installation Policy before commencing work on any tract.
    2. The timber operations shall post one sign in each direction from point of access to the road. Each sign will be located at a distance of 750 feet from that access point stating “Warning-Logging Operation Ahead, Trucks-Equipment Entering Roadway”
  • Notice of Commencement of Operations:
    1. Representatives of the timber operation must notify the Jefferson County Code Enforcement Officer or his representative by phone to provide the date that the first piece of equipment is actually moved onto site.
  • Timber Operations: During the period of operations the timber operator shall comply with the following:
    1. Logging and skidding of logs on county roads and rights of way is strictly prohibited.
    2. Ditches and rights of way shall be kept clear of all debris and residue at all times to permit proper drainage.
    3. There shall be no blockage of county roads at the access site and roads must remain open at all times.
    4. No equipment, trucks or shall be allowed to park on any public road or right of way.
    5. Mud shall not be carried onto paved roads by logging vehicles. Where necessary, a temporary construction exit of gravel shall be maintained by the timber operation to eliminate any hazard to traffic or unsightly conditions on the public right of way.
The Code Enforcement Officer has the authority to issue a “Stop Work Order” to the timber operations if the operation is not in compliance with the ordinance. The “Stop Work Order” shall be in writing and shall be given to the operator, the person or persons in charge of the operations and the owner of the property and shall state the conditions under which work may resume. Written notice shall not be required if an emergency situation exists.

Concluding Operations
  • The timber operator shall give notification to the County Building/Code Enforcement Officer upon completion of operations. The Code Enforcement Officer and Public Works Director shall inspect the site to assure that the area has been restored to its original condition, including the shaping of ditches, grading or seeding as required.
  • The timber operator shall be notified in writing of any deficiencies and be given 15 days to correct same. If not accomplished during this period, the Road Department shall complete the work and deduct the cost from the posted bond.
  • When the County Building/Code Enforcement Office has determined that the road and access site are in property state of repair, the Building/Code Enforcement Office shall provide a written release of liability to the timber operator.