Americans With Disabilities

Lift equipment is available on 4 Jefferson Transit vehicles to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Individuals who use mobility devices such as a wheel chair or scooter, must conform to the dimensions as set forth under the Federal Register, Vol. 56 No. 173, 1991, Rules and Regulations. If a wheelchair is larger than 30 inches wide and 48 inches long, and more than 600 pounds, when occupied, notify the Transit office when booking trip for special accommodations.  Maximum size not to exceed 44"x 68" and a weight of 1000 pounds.

Individuals with mobility impairment who need special assistance in navigating to and from the vehicle are required to have an escort.

To request a reasonable modification of policies and practices, contact County Administrator at 478-625-3332. 

 ADA Complaint Procedure

To resolve ADA complaints you can contact Jefferson County Commissioners Office at 478-625-3332.  We will make every effort to address and investigate the issue.  If believe you have been discriminated again by the public transit provider, you may file an administrative complaint with the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners using the following form: /DocumentCenter/View/641/ada_complaint_form