Jefferson Transit is a public transportation system, owned and operated by the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners and has served Jefferson County since 1987. Transit’s mission is to provide efficient, effective, safe and affordable transportation that will allow riders to access jobs, medical/dental offices, education, social service agencies, government offices, and for shopping/personal purposes.

Public transportation supports our Communities by helping people that cannot drive, seniors and persons with disabilities to fully participate in and contribute to our Communities. Whether you are a first time passenger or a seasonal traveler, this information is provided to answer your questions and make your riding experience with Jefferson Transit positive.

To schedule transportation or for more information on available services, Call 478-625-8518 prior to 12:00PM the day before transportation is needed.  Office hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday.

Bus Services

Jefferson Transit provides scheduled bus services throughout Jefferson County. Buses operate Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. through 5 p.m. except on County Holidays (see link).

Distance Admission
Local and Within 5 Miles $3
5 - 7 Miles $3.25
7 - 9 Miles $3.50
9 - 11 Miles $3.75
11 - 13 Miles $4
13 - 15 Miles $4.50
15 - 17 Miles $5
17 - 20 Miles
Extra Stops $1

Augusta One-Way or Round Trip - $20 with a $2 cost for each additional stop. Escorts for adults are $10. Escorts for children ride for free. Children under 18 must have an escort.

Note: It is necessary for riders to have the correct amount of money. Jefferson Transit does not make change on the bus.
Cancellations are necessary for whatever reason rider does not need the ride scheduled.  Transit has an answering machine with the telephone number 478-625-8518 and the drivers check the messages before they leave the office.


Jefferson Transit receives funding from the Federal Transit Administrator, the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Department of Human Services, Jefferson County and fares from riders.