Common Code Violations

Solid Waste Violations
  1. Unlawful Dumping - Section 24-21
    • No owner of any vacant lot or parcel of land in the unincorporated area of the county shall permit or allow debris to be dumped or old lumber and building of the county shall permit or allow debris to be dumped or old lumber and building material to be piled thereon, nor shall allow grass, weeds, vines, underbrush, or other growth to grow or accumulate thereon, or on the area between the lot or parcel of land and the street curb, so as to constitute an unclean, unhealthy, unsanitary, unsightly, filthy, dangerous, objectionable or offensive condition.
  2. Accumulation- Section 32-189
    • No owner or occupant of any premises in the unincorporated areas of the county shall allow litter or waste to accumulate thereon. (c) No owner or occupant of any property shall allow the accumulation on his premises, of garbage or waste where such material creates or causes a health hazard to neighbors or other citizens, or which is unsightly or emits foul or obnoxious odors.
  3. Scrap Tires Rules and Regulations- Section 32-191
    • All persons defines as scrap tire generators, scrap tire carriers, or tire retailers shall be subject to rules as defined in Georgia Administration Code§ 391-3-4.19 and handle scrap tires in accordance with the provisions of O.C.G.A. § 12-8-20 et seq. and the rules for solid waste management, Georgia Administration Code chapter 391-3-4 applicable to solid waste.
  4. Dumping unacceptable items in dumpsters- Section 32-162
    • It shall be unlawful and in violation of this article to dump, place or leave any other items, property or matter at any garbage and solid waste collection area or in any collection container at any collection area except as provided in section 32-160. (b) It shall be unlawful and in violation of this article to dump, place or leave bricks, blocks, rocks, lumber, asphalt, cement, concrete, concrete products, or waste, roofing, Sheetrock, leaves, limbs, bushes, trees, roots, dead animals, appliances, equipment, bedsprings, mattresses, furniture, fixtures, motors, engines, chemicals waste, or parts thereof, building materials or suppliers, and inorganic solid material of any type or kind, excerpt as authorized in section 32-160, at any garbage or solid waste collection area or in any collection container.
  5. Scavenging- Section 32-163
    • Scavenging from any collection container is prohibited, and it shall be unlawful and in violation of this article for any person excerpt as fully authorized by the board of commissioners to enter, examine, and sift through the contents of or remove any matter from any collection container. (Code 1996,§ 54-32)
  6. Dumpsters used by non-residents- Section 32-165
    • The placement of garbage and solid waste collection containers in several locations or collection areas is for the convenience and use in accordance with the provisions of this article of county residents only. It shall be unlawful and in violation of this article for any person to dump, place or leave any item at such garbage and solid waste collection area or in any collection container unless such person is a resident of the county. (Code 1996, §54-34)
Mobile Home Violations
  1. (Pre-Owned) Mobile Home Permits Required- Section 22-24.
    • A permit shall be required to locate a pre-owned manufactured home in the jurisdiction of the county. To obtain a permit, applicants shall provide to the building inspector an affidavit signed by the applicant that the pre-owned manufactured home meets health and safety standards required by this article, photographs of the interior and exterior of the pre-owned manufactured home providing evidence that home meets the minimum health and safety standards of this article, and the permit and inspection fee required by this article.
  2. No Mobile Home Decal- Section 20-93B
    • The application and fee determined by the county for a hearing and decision on requests for an appeal, variance, or conditional use shall be filed with the zoning administrator on forms provided by the county at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled planning and zoning board meeting. Each application shall contain such information as the zoning administrator may require to enable the planning and zoning board to make its decision on an appeal, conditional use, or variance request.
  3. Mobile Home Skirting Required- Section 20-944
    • (2) Installation of skirting shall be required. Installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Acceptable materials shall include masonry, stone, vinyl, or brick material for the purpose of skirting.
  4. d. Transporting Mobile Home Without Decal- Section 20-939
    • Moving permit required- Any owner of a manufactured home, whether locating or relocating said manufactured home within the county, shall file an application, together with an application fee in the amount established by the board of commissioners for a moving permit (building permit).
License & Permits
  1. A business license is required for any business operated in Jefferson County, no matter how small or large, whether operated from your residence or a commercial location.
  2. Timber harvesting permit- No person, firm or corporation shall engage in timber operations in Jefferson County without first completing a timber harvesting notification form and furnishing the code enforcements office a surety bond, and Business License.
  3. Building Permits- Before work to any structure, whether it be new construction, addition, alterations, or repairs to an existing structure, shall be approved and permitted by the Building official before construction begins.
Other Violations
  1. Soil and Erosion- If more than one acre of land, any grading, clearing, grubbing or installation of Driveways on any property shall be required to obtain a Land Disturbance Permit.
  2. Fishing from bridge or right of way- (prohibited where signs have been posted) Fishing from a public roadway where signs have been posted prohibiting such activity shall be a violation of this article.
  3. Junk and abandonment- Shall not be limited to, any automobile, vehicle, trailer of any kind or type, or contrivance, or a part thereof, the condition which is one or more of the following:
    1. Wrecked
    2. Dismantled
    3. Partially dismantled
    4. Inoperative
    5. Abandoned
    6. Discarded
    7. Scrapped
    8. Doesn’t not have a valid license plate attached thereto
(Code 1996,§ 38-41)