Mobile Home Application Procedure

All manufactured homes must be located on an approved site. Permission to turn on the electricity to the manufactured home shall not be granted until the following conditions have been met in accordance with established administrative procedures:
  • A Copy of the plat or deed of the site in which the manufactured home will be located shall be furnished by the applicant to the county building department.
  • A valid location decal must be obtained from the Tax Commissioner’s office of the county and attached to the manufactured home.
  • A Septic tank permit for wastewater hookup for the site must be obtained from the County Health Department.
  • Once the foregoing conditions have been met, the applicant must obtain a moving permit from the Building Department. Once approved, a moving permit decal will be issued by the Building Department. It must be attached to the manufactured home before it is moved into or within the county and installed for occupancy.
  • The street address for 911 emergencies must be posted on the house where clearly visible from the street, or if not clearly visible, at the entrance to the house.
  • After the required permits and decals have been issued, the manufactured home may be moved into or within the county and installed for occupancy. Installation must comply with this chapter in order to obtain building inspector approval. Such approval is necessary to obtain permanent water, gas, sewer and electrical service.
  • The building inspector shall conduct a final inspection of the site and shall grant permission to have the electricity turned on if the site is appropriate for manufactured home placement and the standards for manufactured home installation enumerated in this chapter have been met.
A certificate of occupancy will be issued upon completion of final inspection of home.